Tonight, I run.

I’m going running. That might not seem too blog worthy but for me it is. I used to run. A lot.

This was me, post marathon. I’m in the pink.

Then I got married and I just wanted to give my body a break after the wedding. It felt like it had taken a pounding after so much running in so many years. That break, however, turned into a lifestyle. I got pregnant and that first trimester exhaustion hit me like a mac truck. When I wasn’t working, I was sleeping. I couldn’t do anything else and by the time the second trimester rolled around and I had a little more energy, I was just out of the habit. So instead of running, I ate and I gained. Then I had a c-section and it snowed 50 inches and the next thing I knew it was spring, I was FAT and I hadn’t run in a full year.

I didn’t even feel like I could run. I was so fat, I thought it would destroy my knees. So I’ve been walking, but walking just isn’t doing it for me. I miss running. I miss the rhythm of my feet striking the ground. I miss the sweat. I miss the exhaustion. I miss the feeling of accomplishment after a long, hard run.

So I’ve researched running while obese. I’ve got my fat girl running shoes. Tonight, I run. I’ll be slow and I’ll have to walk a lot, probably most of the time. But I’m excited and a little afraid that I may be Twittering from the ER later on.

See you at the finish line.


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